Charlotte Wickham

Data Scientist, instructor at Oregon State University, and specialist in R training. I'm available for R training and data science consulting.


At Oregon State University

Data Visualization

ST537 - Spring 2018

Perceptual principles, practice and critique with a focus on creation of graphics using the R package ggplot2.

Statistical Methods I

ST551 - Fall 2017

Graduate level methods class for statisticians.

Foundations of Data Analytics

ST516 - Fall 2017

Graduate level introduction to the concepts of inference using simulation.

Time Series

ST565 - Winter 2016

Graduate level class covering exploratory analysis, ARIMA modelling, forecasting and time series regression.

Statistical Methods II

ST552 - Winter 2016

Graduate level regression class for statisticians.

Methods of Data Analysis I

ST511 - Fall 2015

Graduate level statistical methods class for non-statisticians with a focus on one and two sample problems, ANOVA and simple linear regression.

Topics in Data Visualization

ST599 - Summer 2015

Perceptual principles, practice and critique with a focus on creation of graphics using the R package ggplot2.

Methods of Data Analysis II

ST512 - Winter 2015

Graduate level statistical methods class with a focus on regression.

Statistical Computing and Big Data

ST599 - Spring 2014

Practice based class exposing students to the challenges of working with big data with a focus on teamwork, data science workflow and presentation of results.

Private Training

I can offer custom R training at your location. Materials from recent trainings:

If you have a specific need in mind, contact me and we can work on a curriculum together.


Get in touch if you have a project in mind. I'd love to discuss how I can help you.

Data Science

Have a data science project you don't have the time or expertise to complete? My passion is exploratory analysis but I can also help you manipulate and merge data sources, build and interpret models, and build predictive and forecasting models.

R packages

Do you have some code you would like to turn into an R package? I can work with you to structure, write, document and package your code including getting it through the CRAN submission process. I can also write vignettes for your new (or existing) package to ensure new users can quickly and painlessly get started with your package.

Shiny Apps

Do you need non-R-users to interact with R code? Are you trying to engage people with interactive and visual interfaces to your data and analysis? I can build Shiny apps to provide solutions.